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Our Company


KaiZen2b is a CONSULTING FIRM formed by renowned professionals of DIFFERENT AREAS OF PRACTICE who have gone through diverse labor experiences and training, thus making up a VERSATILE and FLEXIBLE TEAM capable of IDENTIFYING YOUR REAL EXPECTATIONS AND NEEDS while offering PRACTICAL AND ADAPTABLE SOLUTIONS.


Our Name | KaiZen


TODAY BETTER THAN YESTERDAY, TOMORROW BETTER THAN TODAY.  This is the motto that best represents and summarizes the Japanese word we chose as our guiding principle.

What does CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT actually mean? The permanent search for THE GOOD CHANGE for each company and its specific characteristics. As SIMPLE as that? Yes, but nonetheless profound. The Eastern world brings a breath of fresh air into the extremely intricate West view helping us to revisualize the necessary SUBSTANCE that must give RIGOROUS SHAPE to our work: “CHANGING FOR THE BETTER” will always be the best ability both for companies that have just been launched and for those with long standing in their industry.

Our Logo | Tangram


The Tangram is a millenary Chinese puzzle made up of seven tans (or pieces) that may be ASSEMBLED IN NUMBERLESS DIFFERENT FIGURES with a single and interesting limit: NONE OF THE PIECES MAY OVERLAP.

An ancient legend that is a METAPHOR OF OUR MISSION: a servant of a Chinese emperor was carrying an extremely expensive and fragile ceramic tile. The servant stumbled and the tile fell to the ground and shattered into seven pieces. The servant was frantic as he tried to reassemble the tile into a square again. He could not do it but HE DID SEE THAT THE PIECES COULD BE USED TO FORM MANY OTHER SHAPES.

Our Services



We design and audit appropriate processes for the area according to the relevant industry and targets.

We source, deploy and manage tools.

PMO meetings.


Review and optimization of administrative and operating processes.


Development of standards, processes, procedures and instructions.


Process auditing.


Process performance metrics - KPIs.


Redesign of business strategies.

Management assistance on information systems and technology.


Deployment of business and process solutions (ERP / CRM / SCM / BI / WEB / Mobile).


Project management and tracking.


Functional analysis, documentation and testing.


Development of small solutions.


Help desk organization and management.


Sourcing and evaluation of software and suppliers.


Clients | Alliances

Projects | Solutions



Todo Moda - ITS: Implementation of ERP System / Production.


Sabores Primarios: Development of Soft Loan Project (FONTAR – Argentine Technological Fund).


Sabores de Campo: Technical support


CABA - DGUIAF: Functional analysis, documentation and testing.


Osdepym: SAT Sistemas Turnos Multimedia, development and implementation.


LasLeta.com: eCommerce development.


SanBenitoBoutique.com.ar: Image design, eCommerce development, eMail Marketing & Google Ads.


Woodland Camp Paintball: Web Site.


Afix S.A.: Tactica administrative software licences selling and support.


Termo K International S.A: Administrative flow implementation and Tactica reporting




ThinkSoft: Hospital system / Emergency 911.


SAS-Visual Analytics & Statistics: Business Intelligence / ETL .


AbeSoft: Enterprise Maintenance Software EasyMant.


Dattatec: Web Hosting + Mails + Servers.


IQBiz: GeoMarketing Systems / TourSolver route optimizer.


Maer: Production system for textile companies / Store and POS management system / Franchise management system.


TiendaNube: Partnership for eCommerce Solutions.


TACTICASOFT: Integrated management software of CRM and ERP. E-Invoice.


eCommerce KaiZen2b Solution.


SAT Sistema Turnos Multimedia Tactil.


Why Us?

Because we are your strategic partners (not your suppliers).


Because our team is fully committed and aware of its responsibilities.


Because our heterogeneous work team provides an open-minded approach.


Because our professional experience guarantees our efficiency.


Because we provide comprehensive solutions.


Because we offer prompt response.


Because we guarantee satisfaction on a step-by-step basis.


Because we focus on employee retention.


Because we work side by side.


Because we know how to stand in your shoes.


Because we believe in fluid communication and direct contact.


Because we value innovation without losing good judgment.


Because we design a specific management plan for each company.


Because we are able to grasp your hidden demand.


Because we feel moved by enthusiasm.


Because we care for our clients’ growth.


Because we offer fair market prices.


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